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Ryan [userpic]

Nerds on bus

April 17th, 2007 (10:49 am)

So today I made it to West when the bus was pulling away. I caught it in time though. Unfortunately, I had to stand the whole way (about a 45-50 minute ride). I also got stuck standing next to this really loud nerd. He was talking about role playing games (and not the video game kind, the really really nerdy kind with dice) and how realistic certain ones he played were. The girl he was sitting next to was not interested in the least bit, but the nerd didn't realize that she didn't want to talk about lame shit with him. It was pretty much that stuff the whole way, but then near the end he started talking about fan fiction. Stuff like Kermit having sex with Captain Kirk from Star Trek. I'm not joking. Then he mentioned Yoda having sex with both of them. The girl was REALLY REALLY uncomfortable at this point, but the fat nerd was laughing. Except it was this really fucking loud noise he made. Just imagine the nerdiest laugh ever. That's what his was like.

Because I was standing up, I wasn't able to fuck around with my backpack to get my iPod out, and I couldn't fall asleep like I normally do on the bus. I had to listen to this shit the whole way.

Oh yeah. He was also talking about fonts, and how Comic Sans, the WORST fucking font in the world, is his favorite. And he has a Sweet Home Alabama ring tone.